Back Stiffness

Are you waking in the morning with a stiff back?

Do you feel that tightness when getting dressed and bending down to put socks and shoes on?

If so, this does not have to be the case and it’s not something you have to tolerate since it certainly isn’t ‘normal’ to have tension in your back whether you lead an adventure filled life or not. There doesn’t need to have been any particular accident to be the cause of your pain. And you don’t need to know the reason behind it – just being aware that it shouldn’t be happening is enough to seek out the right kind of help.  

So what happens during the night that could cause such stiffness the next morning?

Night time and sleeping or in fact any time you lay down for a significant period your body goes into a healing and recuperation mode. 

As you rest, your muscles start to relax and after any extended period of rest where you allow yourself a deeper sleep, muscles begin to relax to the point where it can result in stiffness upon awakening.

These affected muscles are usually the groups of muscles crossing the individual joint spaces between the vertebrae. 

As these muscle groups begin to relax there still needs to be support across the spine and this is when the longer muscles of the spine temporally tighten to aid in supporting the spine. 

As you wake up it is these larger, longer muscles that you feel with the stiffness in the morning. 

As you stand up and move around the deeper, smaller groups of muscles that cross the vertebrae tighten back up in their protective action thus supporting the spine and the longer superficial groups of muscles can now relax back to their normal tone.

This is a clear indication that there is some level of body stress which needs to be attended to so that the body can release this tension and continue its journey to health. 


Why I became a BSR practitioner.

I had always been going to see an oesteopath from my late teens. On and off I had visited them for 6 or 7 years, always going back with the same pain.

In my early 20’s I was waking with a stiff back, I often had cramps and twitching legs at night. This was something I thought I should not be getting at my age!

After another mountain bike accident, of which there have been a few, (I raced downhill mtb internationally). A friend suggested I went to see Peter who does Body Stress Release, it was an hour drive each way.
I went for a series of releases, and even after the first one I felt a shift and a great change in my body.
I could wake up and move without the stiffness and pain that had become ‘normal’.
This struck a cord with my soul and I questioned him about training to become a practitioner myself.
The rest as they say is history!

I trained in 2002 and since then I have built a great practice with wonderful clients.
I am hugely rewarded by my clients telling me how they are enjoying life so much more after they’ve found improvements in their bodies after experiencing Body Stress Release.

I enjoy the variety it gives my life, meeting many different people, I have enjoyed the journey Body Stress Release has taken me on.
Now the next stage is in motion as I will be one of 6 tutors now teaching BSR in the UK. For information about training see the international website.