Slipped Disc Testimonials

My name is Joss Myers and I am 31 years old. I was booked into have a Double Disk Replacement Surgery back in 2007. 2 Weeks before I was going in for the operation, my Dad begged me to try this alternative treatment called Body Stress Release. I thought "What a waste of time" but there is no harm in trying so off I went. I arrived barely able to walk in the front door. When I left my 1st session I thought the theory behind it made sense but the treatment was quite strange. However I decided to continue. After 3 treatments, I was walking just fine. After a further 3 treatments, I was MUCH BETTER. So much so, I decided to cancel my operation.

And as they say, the rest is history. It is 5 years down the track and Body Stress Release has really helped me maintain a good lifestyle. I am not going to lie - my back still gives me trouble every now and then but I have learnt how to manage it through BSR.

I want to thank Chris Balaam for all the help while I was based in London and highly recommend Chris and the treatment of BSR to anyone out there with back problems.
Joss Myers

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