Explaining BSR

About Body Stress Release

“With Body Stress Release we do not override the body’s protective measures. We don’t force the body – we work with it and we can do that because we undertake a series of muscle tests to determine the direction of muscle stress/tension. Therefore we know exactly where and in what direction we need to work in and therefore only an accurate precise stimulus is needed.”

Chris Balaam, BSR practitioner.

Your body is a holistic, inseparable system and we work with it that way.

When your body’s stress, which manifests itself in pain or stiffness becomes a negative, deteriorating factor in your quality of life, you need to seek the best method of body stress or ‘pain’ resolution.

That’s why what we practice is called ‘Body Stress Release (BSR).’

Having found relief from pain in our own lives, we have found BSR to be the best way of attending to ‘Body Stress’. Having tended to over 1000 people over 16 years; we’ve seen firsthand how much this technique has benefitted our clients.

So, In A Nutshell, How Does BSR Work?

Body Stress Release allows communication between the brain and the body to function smoothly.

The pain that you experience we see as “locked” in stress (or body stress) which manifests as lines of tension. To deal with this tension or pain, the body adopts a protective mode of action by reflex responses to splint the affected areas.

This action has a dampening effect on the nervous system causing the brain to ignore the areas of body stress.

Attending to these lines of tension we can stimulate the body to encourage the release of stored tension and in doing so, release all pain and allow you to live a physically pain free life.

If your specific body stress or pain has occurred recently, the process of releasing it is usually very rapid.

However, if the stress has been stored for a long time, the stress releases may have to be carried out a number of times, over a longer period. This is because the tight, protective layers of muscles tend to relax by degrees back to their normal tones, rather than instantly.

Because BSR works with the body’s natural efforts to be stress free, it is a gentle procedure that does not require force.

The 3 Step Process

The precise method we follow involves the following –

  1. Working on your muscles we use a biofeedback technique to asses where and in what direction your muscles have tightened up in.
  2. Then by applying a gentle and precise pressure to the affected area your body is encouraged to ‘release’ the tension. In between sessions your body will be working through the week to make sense of the new sensations which you will be experiencing. There may be some sensitivity as the muscles release; this happens as the numbing effect of the protective muscles release and the signal from the nerve receptors are registered more efficiently by the brain.
  3. In the final stages of your body’s healing, the brain will be sending strong messages to the body, triggered by the specific stimulus we apply so that certain muscles, nerves and the cells themselves will be activated to shift and work together with adjacent muscles so all tension can be released.

These three steps allows for the desired result of pain free movement and effortless flow and function.

Remember, Your Body Wants To Heal. We Just Help It Along The Way.

BSR is such a gentle approach, that we allow it to work as it should without ‘jolting’ or ‘forcing’ anything to go where it doesn’t want to and because we work with the body’s natural efforts to be stress and pain free, the procedures of BSR doesn’t require any unnecessary force.

So if you have experienced ‘crunching’ or ‘forced’ re-alignment with other therapies, then you’ll be pleased to know that BSR works only alongside your body’s natural healing process.

If The Above Is True, Why Isn’t BSR The Most Popular And Most Well Known Therapy In The World?

Many patients don’t like the sound of surgery or reliance on drugs (especially if neither is required). The main reason BSR isn’t the first thing that Doctors refer these patients to is because BSR is still so new in comparison to far older and more traditional methods such as, for example, Chiropractice, Osteopathy, Cranial Sacral therapy, Acupuncture and Acupressure.

Whilst some of these therapies work for some people, For many, something more “in-depth,” “holistic,” “beneficial” and “gentle” is required.

And that’s why, in the absence of anything else that worked with the body on such a deep and beneficial level, BSR was “developed”.

How BSR Began….

Body Stress Release was founded in 1986 by Ewald and Gail Meggersee, a South African based couple. Gail still teaches today on the garden route near George.

After training for 4 years at Chiropractic College in USA, Ewald and Gail developed Body Stress Release because the Chiropractic technique wasn’t working effectively for them or their clients.

They were inspired to develop something completely new and different based on their understanding of what they had learnt from Chiropractic. They soon found that the new techniques dramatically helped their clients to the point that they decided to develop the new technique further and begin teaching it from their home in South Africa.

And in just 25 years, BSR has become a worldwide phenomenon – so much so that there are now 340 people practising BSR worldwide, and 30 in the UK alone, two of whom Chris and Marie Balaam were amongst the first people in the UK to discover this amazing technique.

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