Releasing stress in the lower back

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can accumulate from a variety of sources. Whether it’s from accidents, falls or poor posture at work, if the body is over-stressed in any of these occurrences it will protect itself. This protection comes into play through a tightening of the muscles. If this is ongoing or severe there can be an intense pressure on the back and spinal discs, leading to pain and stiffness.

When we work on the back to release this pressure on the muscles this allows for greater flexibility and we can help to eliminate this pain.

Lower back pain is the most common symptom that people come to see us for. (Testimonials)

And it is an area that BSR practitioners are geared to helping with no matter how long you may have been experiencing lower back pain for.

Having witnessed repeated successes with our clients who are able to report back vast improvements, below is a brief explanation of how BSR can really help.

“The gentle process of BSR helps to trigger the body’s own natural self-healing ability. The pressure release we undertake sends messages to the brain so that a clearer recognition of the stressed site can be fully registered by the nervous system. Once this is registered, healing can begin.

And after undergoing a series of muscle tests (using kinesiology we check the leg length) which determine the direction the muscles have tightened up in, we are able to pinpoint where, then apply an impulse with our fingers to stimulate the nervous system to continue to send strong messages to the affected area.

By stimulating your muscles to release tension, BSR helps by relieving pressure on the nerves that has a detrimental effect on the communication of the body so once we allow tension release to begin, healing can then take place quickly and efficiently.”

Chris Balaam, BSR Practitioner.

BSR is so effective for lower back pain because it works with your body and not against it by trying to “force” things back in place.