Lower Back Testimonials

Chris's treatments have helped me regain a level of functionality I thought I'd lost forever - he truly is a miracle worker!
Maria Bradbury
Body stress release is an incredible treatment for many body issues, including back pain which I had for YEARS. Body stress release has relieved 98% of my pain and Chris Balaam and Marie Stone are brilliant practitioners.
Amy Levin
For 18 months I have suffered with sciatic back pain, which eventually after 12 months stopped me being able to walk any distance and ground my exercise regime to a complete halt.

I was introduced to BSR in December 2011 and after 5 months of treatment have never looked back.
I soon learned that what seemed to be a dabilitating condition with no apparent end, could be eased immensely and as my lower back tension released, so did the nagging sciatic pain that came with it.
I can now walk the stairs without pain, I am able to sit, stand and walk for longer spells now and can see light at the end of the tunnel.

The treatment is specific and non-invasive and administered in a caring and professional way.
Patience is the key and coupled with Chris's assistance, a comfortable future is closer than I ever imagined.
Karen Hurst
I suffered low back pain after a few months after giving birth to my son and getting into very bad lifting habits. It got so bad that I could not hold my son for more than a minute when he was 5 months old. I was very concerned as I was returning to work and at the time I couldn’t see my back getting any better. Chris reassured me that it would be fine by the time I needed to go back. I went to see Chris and after a few treatments I felt so much better. I was amazed how effective body stress release was as only after a few sessions my back started to release. He explained in a very simple way what was happening to my back and why it was causing so much pain. He explained about lifting techniques and also exercises to strengthen the stomach, which I found hugely helpful. Chris and Marie are always very warm and welcoming when I see them and have made such a huge difference as now I can get on with being a mum with very minimal pain.

Thank you
Julia Scott
The pain started in my hip, this wasn't unusual, as I relaxed in bed, often after a difficult day I experienced a kind of dull ache, this time, however, it was different. It started in my hip area right at the back of my pelvis, I then felt quite clearly it moved to the front of my pelvis. It was a feeling like an electric shock with dull pain, you know the kind, sharp ouch with a groan attached. I next felt it zip down my thigh from the outer to the inner leg, seemingly following the muscle. Missing out my knee it continued down my lower leg across the top of my foot and right into my big toe. This took about five minutes as far as I can tell, with little breaks in the pain as if something was deciding which way to go next.

I can only believe it to be the nerve pathways opening up after a long time being unused, thanks to the B.S.R. I have been having over a number of years.

The freedom I felt the next morning was truly wonderful, but that's a longer story!
Janet Stott
I am so thankful I found Body Stress Release. It was suggested to me by a friend, who herself, is recovering from my limited mobility in arms, legs and neck.
For me Body Stress Release has lived up to its’ name, it is not only my mobility that has more than improved from my session with Chris Balaam - stiffness, aches and pains put down to aging have just melted away.
Chris explains the body’s healing processes in a way that is easily understood. This together with his professional care and attention makes it a worthwhile and effective treatment process I can wholeheartedly recommend.
Anna Hunter
When I first came to Body Stress Release I’d been in agony for a couple of months. I’d already had physio, the next stage was an epidural. However I was due to fly on holiday so I was game for anything, within a week of seeing Chris Balaam I made the flight. I still don’t see how it works but it does.
Trisha Noakes
I have been having body stress release for several years now. It is chiefly through this amazingly effective system of treatment that I have found my body gradually becoming free from what used to be daily aches and pains that I thought I would have to suffer for the rest of my life. Indeed I feared how these would worsen as I grew older.   Incredibly, my spine has been slowly straightening, and with that I am much more at ease in my body. I am 54 years old and have had scoliosis, kyphosis and lordosis since I was a child, and all three curves are improving. Even my mother has noticed the change! For me, the visits for a `release' are not totally pain-free experiences but the results are worth the temporary discomfort. I also put my increasing levels of general well-being down to a more aligned spine which allows all my organs to function more effectively. I feel much gratitude to Chris, and to those who brought this way of working on the body into being.     Thank you.
Helen Argent
I started seeing Chris about six years ago following a recommendation from a business colleague. I had suffered from back and joint pain for twenty years and had received several diagnoses and seen numerous practitioners of both conventional and alternative medicine. Very little seemed to help me until I started to see Chris.

Chris's treatment has helped me immensely. My back has loosened up considerably and I now have days with little or no pain at all. My joints also appear to be more supple.

I would recommend that anyone with chronic pain should try this treatment. You may feel a bit sore following the first couple of sessions but this does lessen as the treatment progresses so it is worth persevering with.
Liz Ashfield
I have been a loyal fan of body stress release for nearly ten years now. I was introduced to BSR in South Africa and when i moved to the UK i was very relieved to find Chris Balaam practising in Covent Garden. Chris provides a very thorough, professional and knowledgeable service that has definitely assisted in keeping my spine and posture in check. Highly recommended to anyone who suffers from lower back pain.
Anthony Werkman
I had tried a range of different treatments over many years . Before I met Chris I was used to spending up to £500 a year to get my back patched up.  I now see Chris every few month a service or an MOT for my back and I have been largely pain free.  He gets to the cause of the problem – he doesn't just deal with the symptoms… His quiet calm effective manner means I come out the sessions feeling ready to face the world… Thanks Chris.
Duncan Sones
What can I say about Chris Balaam?
Only thank you Chris, thank you for giving me my life back.
After 4 years of pain you took it away. After 4 years of tripping when I walked, of being bent unable to stand upright, of being constipated, of having problems and a great deal of pain to get out of bed each the morning. You healed me and still are healing me, because things are still improving. Thank you so very much.
Jane Hicks
I went to see Chris when I was preparing to run an ultra marathon of 56 miles from London to Brighton. I had a few ‘chronic pains in my body, but at the time of particular concern was the bottom of my feet! It hurt to walk, although somehow I could run. Chris worked on my back, identifying where I was stiff and tight and recognizing that the pain in my feet was related to deep held ‘tightness’ in my back. The pain left my body – such bliss to be free again! I loved the experience of the treatments too, such total relaxation – I wished they had gone on for longer!
Julia Armstrong

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