Releasing stress in babies and children

Babies and Children – Colic and Growing pains


When a birth is less than easy, a baby may be born with body stress, especially in the neck and lower spine.

If not attended to, this may develop in to childhood and beyond, causing unnecessary pain and emotional imbalance which cannot always be verbalised.

A common sign that a baby has body stress in the neck is constant crying for no apparent reason. When body stress is present in the lower back the baby will cry when the hips are lifted while the nappy is being changed. The impact on the nervous system may cause constipation. Body stress in the area of the diaphragm may result in colic.

Through our Biofeedback testing we can generally note any potential concerns and help to restore your baby’s physical health to optimal levels ensuring continued healthy growth and development, just as it should be.


Falls, accidents, knocks, bumps and over-strain through play are common in all young children but they can all add to a build up of body stress and signs can easily be observed by the parent, through close knit communication and by monitoring the mood and level of happiness in their child.

Toddlers who refuse to walk and demand to be carried or complain of sore legs which can be a sign of “growing pains”, very likely have body stress in the lower back.

We can work on babies and children the same way as we would an adult, only we use less pressure. We work very lightly on babies and children usually respond quickly to BSR as they have very little stored tension in their bodies in general.

Results have been extremely effective when prescribing BSR to babies and children.