relief from migraines and headaches

Neck, Migraines and Headaches

Pain in the neck which can also relate heavily to headaches and migraines can originate from physical stresses such as jarring or jerking the neck or in extreme cases – whiplash. Or in more common circumstances, can be exacerbated when we work with the head tilted downwards for long periods of time. These occurrences can trigger a strong tightening up in the muscles around the neck and this tension may develop into headaches or pain in the face and jaw, and an inability to fully turn the head.

This same tension will put a high level of pressure on the spinal discs and this in turn affects the nerve pathways which lead to the arms, shoulder or hands.

Other factors, such as negative emotions like intense anger, anxiety or shock, also contribute to neck pain. These emotions usually result in hunched shoulders and a tightening of the neck muscles. A state of ongoing depression will also bring about postural distortions.

In addition, the physical discomfort resulting from the body stress will reinforce the negative emotions and lead to a vicious cycle.

By working to release the muscles in the neck area, BSR will take the pressure off the discs and therefore the compression of the nerves will reduce. This will then help nerve communication branching out from the neck and will help to release muscle tension located over the neck and head.